How to be a cam girl

There are a few things you need to look at before becoming a cam girl. Step one is to invest in a decent laptop with a good camera which will be essential for you in this business. If you can, try and buy the best possible webcam that you can afford as this will help you with your business.


The next thing you would need to do is make sure you find a good company that allows you to sign up as an independent person and not force you to go through another secondary agency which will skim off from your profits.  You need to ensure that the site is legitimate and that you are guaranteed to receive your payments from them.  Make sure you do thorough research before signing up and beginning to work. Most websites will work on a negotiated commission basis with the cam girls, this is to cover costs such as advertising, website hosting and technical support.  There are even sites that offer extra benefits to the cam girls such as copyright complaints for work that is published elsewhere. Make sure you understand exactly how you get paid and how much you are likely to earn from being a cam model on that sire before you sign up.


Once you are happy with the site, make sure that you fill in all the necessary paperwork correctly and that you understand what you are signing. Most sites will ask for a release form, a photo ID and a signed contract. Make sure you read the release and the contract so you are aware of your rights and what you are signing up for.  Know what will be expected from you as a cam girl.  Most of the sites that hire cam girls are adult chat sites.  This often involves naughty talk, exhibitionism and a degree of nudity.  Live shows tend to earn a lot more from viewers than just chatting.  Once you understand everything, you get to do something fun, choose a username. Choose something that appeals to you that you feel may also appeal to your viewers and do a search to make sure no one else has the same name. This will help prevent confusion.  Create a good profile on the site with color photos and perhaps some naughty poses or lingerie pictures to get viewers interested.


Payments are generally through people purchasing your pictures, videos and so forth as well as some form of token or payment on the website when you are chatting to your viewers. You will not make money just from being a pretty face. Viewers expect more from cam girls such as a decent personality, friendliness and possibly and interesting and fun to watch cam show.  Make sure the room you are in is neat and uncluttered and that you are not likely to be disturbed. Keep noise levels low and any props you need nearby.  No one likes watching a blank screen when you run off to fetch something. Dress in something that is enticing to your viewers without baring it all. It is good to keep some mystery, at least for the first part of the show. Do your hair and make-up as well to entice people to watch you. You don’t have to be drop dead gorgeous to be a cam model, but looking well put together is a plus in this very visual line of work.  Have fun with what you are doing.  Your audience will pick up on whether it is an act put on to make money out of them or if you genuinely enjoy what you do. The more you put in to your job, the better you will earn.  I looked at many guides on how to be a cam girl  before I actually signed up and started cam modelling. Do your homework and this can be a very lucrative business for you too.